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5 Ways to start Doing instead of Dreaming in 2010

January 4, 2010

At the start of the year many people have been pondering on what their new year resolutions should be. Some will make one others maybe 20 resolutions. Regardless wouldn’t you like this year to be the one whereby you meet and the resolutions you set yourself?Let's do it right and let's do it now. Shell OUT.

Dreaming is a fabulous tool, whereby imagination can push our boundaries to new widths. However the danger is when we continue to day dream and instead of making things happen, we continue to think about things like loosing weight, getting a better grade, stop going out so much, network more. BUT we take no action towards these plans.

To help kick start your New Year right Doing instead of just Dreaming here are our 5 Tips to make dreams a reality!

1: Everyday spend at least 15 minutes out your 24 hour day to work on your goals. In a week that is 1 hour 45 minutes, in a month that is 7 hours, in a year that’s 84 hours working on your goal.

2: Surround yourself with like-minded people, people you would like to emulate, people who will ultimately up your game!

Great minds think alike ... by Dreamer7112.

3: Whatever your mind can dream with belief you can achieve, so start believing in yourself and soon others will believe in you too.

4: Turn potential into Success by minimising interferences such as time wasting, lack of self belief, lack of confidence, stress, not accepting imperfection, anger, frustration, boredom or even a busy mind.

5: It was not realistic for someone by the click of a switch could turn darkness into light but EDISON JUST DID IT. It was not realistic that someone could bend metal around people and take them across the ocean, yet the WRIGHT BROTHERS JUST DID IT. And now it is time for you to Just Do It

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